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Qus 1: Dates of main functions?
Ans : There will be 03 main event in which Second Shahi Snan (Mauni Amawasya) on 04 Feb 2019 is one of main event then Third Shahi Snan (Basant Panchami) on 10 Feb 2019 and last is First Shahi Snan (Makar Sankranti) on 14 Jan 2019.

Qus 2 : Ardh kumbh or maha Kumbh?
Ans: Its Ardh Kumbh but government & Akhara Parishad it as declared Kumbh Mela this is not Maha Kumbh, Maha Kumbh held every 12 years.

Qus 3 : How far is your camp from main sangam?
Ans : Our camp is 01 km far from main Sangam (Bathing Ghat).

Qus 4 : You are situated at nearby?
Ans : We are situated beside Delhi Public School, near to Akharas, & Sadhus Camp, 300 m before Asharam Bapu Ashram, 500 m after Someshwar Mahadev Temple, 01 km from Mahesh Yogi ji Ashram, 01 KM far from Main Bathing ghat, our camp is 1.5 km far from Fort Ghat (Kila Ghat).

Qus 5 : What is the distance from the main Gate?
Ans : There are atleast 7 main entrance gate to Kumbh mela ground. They are  1- Alopi Chungi   2- Parade Ground  3-Daraganj  4- Phapamau   5- Jhusi   6- Chatnag   7- Arail.

Qus 6 : How many Akhadas would be initiating?
Ans : Total  13 Akhara will be initiating other than these Akhara Kinnar Akhara will be also participate but this is not recognized by Akhara Parishad.

Qus 7 : What is your Land Area width?
Ans : Our camp area is around 3 acre.

Qus 8 : Who will be head of Naga Baba or other Baba’s ?
Ans : All the 13 Akhara are having Naga Baba and  every Akhara is headed by there own heads. Shri Narendra Giri ji is the President of Akhara Parishad.

Qus 9 : What would be the depth of water at the sangam?
Ans : Water level will be different places. It cannot be measured now.

Qus 10 : Will Naga Sadhus will be available all time in Kumbh or not?
Ans : Yes they will be available few days before start of Kumbh Mela on 14 Jan 2019 till Maghi Poornima on 19 Feb 2019.

Qus 11 : What kind of functions & Activation?
Ans : Main function are (1) Shahi Peshwai (2) Shahi Snan by Naga Sadhus (3) Bhajan and Kirtan (4) Langers (Anna Kshetra).

Qus 12 : Who will be the chief Guest?
Ans : No one will be the Chief guest of Kumbh. Even President or P.M. of India do not come on Shahi Snan.

Qus 13 : General public toilets arrangements?
Ans : There will be thousands of public toilets available.

Qus 14 : General changing Rooms?
Ans : Few changing rooms may be available for ladies only.

Qus 15 : Why would I spend 4 days without Sahi Snan?
Ans : No need to stay 4 night during Non Shahi Snan days.

Qus 16 : If I Get unwell what is arrangements?
Ans : Doctors will be available on call and temporary hospital will be available in mela area.

Qus 17 : Security Facility?
Ans : Our camp is under CCTV camera with 24 hrs Guard security.

Qus 18 : Who will guide us inside Kumbh Mela?
Ans : Guide will be provided on demand & charge will be extra.

Qus 19 : After how many years Maha Kumbh held?
Ans : Maha Kumbh Mela is held in every 12 year.

Qus 20 : This is Ardh Kumbh then why you are calling it Kumbh ?
Ans : Government declared name Kumbh, (Speaking after the release of the Kumbh 2019’s logo, the chief minister said: This mantra from the Vedas says that there is nothing incomplete in the Hindu religion. Everything is complete in its own sense and therefore, the word ‘Ardh’ doesnt gel with the philosophy. So, we would be dropping the word  Ardh and celebrate Kumbh 2019).

Qus 21 : In how many cities Kumbh held?
Ans : 04 Allahabad, Haridwar, Nasik & Ujjain.

Qus 22 : What is the local tourist place in Allahabad other than Kumbh?
Ans : Anand Bhawan, Museum, Khusrubag, Hanuman Temple, Chandra Shekhar Azad park, Company Garden, Alopi Bag Temple, Mankameshwar Temple, Someshwar Mahadev temple etc.

Qus 23 : What is the visting place in Kumbh area?
Ans : Mahamandleshwar camp naga sadhus camp, visit Akbar Fort, Akshay vat Mandir, Hanuman Temple.

Qus 24 : How much distance from Alld Station to Kumbh Camp?
Ans : Around 8 to 09 km.

Qus 25 : Which is the perfect time for attaining Kumbh?  Suggest the best date accordingly?
Ans :  Perfect time to visit in Kumbh Mela is any of the Shahi Snan. Best to visit is 2 nd Feb 2019 and depart on after 6 th Feb 2019. ​

Qus 26 : Please suggest the bathing date?
Ans : 

0115 January 2019 Makar Sankranti (1St shahi Snan)
0221 January 2019 Paush Purnima
0331 January 2019Paush Ekadashi
0404 February 2019Mauni Amavasya (Main Royal Bath 2nd Shahi Snan)

0510 February 2019Basant Panchami (3rd shahi Snan)
0616 February 2019Magh Ekadashi
0719 February 2019Maghi Purnima
0804 March 2019Maha Shivratri

Qus 27 : want to come in Kumbh Mela Please advise me?
Ans : Visit any of the Bathing Date, Shahi Snan date will be more crowded on Mauni Amawasya date around 60 million people are expected.

Qus 28 : What is the exact time of Kalpwas?
Ans : Kalpwas is start from Paush Poornima till Maghi Poornima.

Qus 29 : If I want to come for one day then suggests a plan accordingly?
Ans : Any day other than Bathing Date.

Qus 30 : Do you provide heater / blower?
Ans : We are providing blower in Premium Cottage & Heater in Deluxe Cottage.

Qus 31 : Do you provide hot water / geyser?
Ans : Yes we are providing hot water Gyser in Premium & emulsion road in Deluxe.

Qus 32 : Satvik food available in your camp?
Ans : Yes.

Qus 33 : What is the difference between Shahi and non-Shahi Snan?
Ans : During Shahi Snan Naga Sadhus take bath, they do not take part on other snan day.

Qus 34 : Why you choose cottage instead of tent?
Ans : Our camp is fire resistance, weather resistance lockable and safe whereas tents do not has these qualities and there will be threat of thief.

Qus 35 : What is the timing of breakfast, lunch & dinner in your camp?
Ans : Breakfast timing is 08:30 to 09:30, Lunch timing is 01:00 to 02: 00pm & Dinner timing is 08:30 to 09:30pm .

Qus 36 : What is the menu available in your camp?
Ans : Please see the attachment for menu.
you can see, Click On link “Food Menu

Qus 37 : Is there buffet system or room service at your camp?
Ans : There will be no room service; we have proper dining area with chair & table.

Qus 38 : Places of visit near to Allahabad?
Ans : Ayodhya, Sarnath, chitrakoot, Varanasi, Gaya, Vindhyanchal, Khajuraho, etc.

Qus 39 : Nearest Airport?
Ans : Nearest international airport is Varanasi Airport/Lucknow Airport. Domestic Airport is Bamrauli Airport in Allahabad.

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